Pirouette Feather Edge-to-Edge 1

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Pirouette Feathers are ready to dance across your next quilt top! Pirouette Feather Edge-to-Edge 1 combines whirling eddies with elegant fans created from quick stitching feathers. Pirouette Feather Edge-to-Edge 2 has the same allure, but doubles down on the feathers. Both patterns are versatile, easy to use, and finish a quilt top quickly. We love them, and we hope you will too!

This digitized edge-to-edge (pantograph) pattern is for all computerized long arm systems, and is designed at 14 inches tall by 14.9 inches wide (35.6 cm x 37.9 cm).

This edge-to-edge is designed with no over stitching. The rows should not be nested.