Long Stem Roses Edge-to-Edge

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

Long Stem Roses Edge-to-Edge is in the same series as our popular and well rated Briar Rose in Winter, Ginkgo, and Jolly Holly Edge-to-Edges! Long Stem Roses Edge-to-Edge features the same open swirls with simple yet timeless roses. Designed with minimal over-stitching and providing even coverage, this edge-to-edge really pops when stitched out. It's reminiscent of Mother's Day, Christmas, and a relaxed stroll through a summer garden. We love it, and we hope you will too!

This digitized edge-to-edge (pantograph) pattern is for all computerized long arm systems, and is designed at 12 inches tall by 12.4 inches wide (30.5 cm x 31.5 cm).

This edge-to-edge is designed with over stitching. The rows should be nested (negative spacing).