Larkspur Edge-to-Edge 1

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

The larkspur designs are two stunning feather and flower edge-to-edges that are as easy to use as they are pretty! Larkspur Edge-to-Edge 1 features gently flowing feathers that enhance full and partial blossoms, with subtle curls to create additional movement. Larkspur Edge-to-Edge 2 features feathers and swirls that create a beautiful cameo effect around a single blossom. The edge-to-edge looks amazing with the rows offset, or not, making it very forgiving. We love them, and we hope you will too!

This digitized edge-to-edge (pantograph) pattern is for all computerized long arm systems, and is designed at 14 inches tall by 15.5 inches wide (35.6 cm x 39.4 cm).

This edge-to-edge is designed with no over stitching. The rows should not be nested.