A Quilt From the Needle, Thread, and Fabric Studio - Mid-Atlantic UFO

A Quilt From the Needle, Thread, and Fabric Studio - Mid-Atlantic UFO

Posted by Christy Dillon on 4th Mar 2018

Lori Kepley shared the story of this quilt with us, and we asked to share it with you! She used last year's free pattern set "Clifton" to finish the quilt with four patterns; Clifton Block 1, Clifton Block 4, Clifton Sashing, and Clifton Triangle p2p.

Every February Lori meets a group of quilters near Williamsburg, Virginia for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. One of their traditions is to write down a UFO that they will complete before the next reunion, and this quilt was the UFO of Lori's friend Patti. It was pieced with fabric from the Downton Abby line, and quilted on Lori's Avante with ProStitcher. 

Lori tells us that our designs are some of her favorites (thank you!) and that she was drawn to the Clifton Set because of the cross-hatching and beautiful swirls. When she received Patti's quilt, she knew the Clifton Set would be the perfect compliment! She used Melissa K's ( https://www.mkquilts.com/) teaching on the Prostitcher Simulator to design the layout of the patterns, and then used her Avante to work the magic!!

We think the final results are spectacular! Thanks so much to Lori and Patti for sharing this beautiful quilt with us. We also love seeing how quilting connects us and brings us together, with Lori traveling from Petersburg, Virginia and Patti from Fresno, California to attend the Quilt Festival.