A Quilt From Our Studio - Elly's Disappearing Four Patch (Missouri Star)

A Quilt From Our Studio - Elly's Disappearing Four Patch (Missouri Star)

Posted by Christy Dillon on 6th May 2018

Christy Jr made this quilt for her daughter, Elly, and it was so much fun to make we had to share! The pattern is from Missouri Star, and is called the Disappearing Four Patch.

All you need are your standard rulers, rotary cutter, iron, sewing machine, and five inch charm squares. We used Fossil Fern Quilting Squares and Cotton Supreme Optical White (but there are lots of charm square options out there!). See the photo tutorial below of how me made our quilt!

The blocks are sewn together, ironed, then trimmed to nine inches. Then the block is cut into three inch pieces and the outer center pieces are rotated one position clockwise. Then the pieces are sewn back together as a whole block.

A major part of the "look" for this quilt was a color gradient, so we spent a fair amount of time arranging and re-arranging the squares before settling on a final layout. Since we didn't really plan out the squares ahead of time, we ended up making a few extra blocks that helped transition colors. For example, there's a block with a yellow bottom and orange top, and another with a pink top and dark bottom. All in all, this was a blast to piece together.

We added borders, and quilted with our popular West Wind at Night Edge-to-Edge. As you can see, the stars add a lot of fun and flavor to the quilt, and the swirls provide good coverage and movement!

And here's the happy recipient of the quilt getting cozy before a little nap! 

And if you're interested in learning more about how to make this pattern, check out this fantastic YouTube tutorial made by Missouri Star Quilt Co.